Who can issue a certificate proving my Sephardic origins?

You can go to the Jewish community or to Sephardi institutions in your country of residence, and apply for the corresponding certificate. Each institution sets its own requirements.

The Law establishes three types of valid certificates:

a) Certificate issued by the President of the Permanent Commission of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE).


b) Certificate issued by the President or someone in a similar position of the Jewish Community of the area of residence or city of birth of the applicant.


c) Certificate of the competent rabbi authority, legally recognized in the country of origin or usual residence of the applicant.

In cases b) and c), the applicant can request a certificate of the FCJE proving the condition of authority of the person issuing the certificates within the foreign Jewish community or:

  • Copy of the original Articles of Association of the foreign religious entity.
  • Certificate of the foreign entity including the names of the people appointed as legal representatives.
  • Certificate, or document, showing proof that the foreign entity is legally recognized in the country of origin.
  • And certificate issued by the legal representative of such entity showing proof that the signatory rabbi actually and currently holds such position according to the requirements established by the articles of association.

The documents shall be submitted in Spanish language, or translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. Additionally, the documents shall be authorized by a Notary of the country of origin, and apostilled or legalized as appropriate.