I submitted my application before this Law was passed. What shall I do?

If the applicant submitted his/her application before this Law was passed –via Naturalization letter– and is still pending resolution, the applicant should check the status of the application by clicking the :

Royal Decree October 2nd.

Royal Decree August 5th.

Those applicants whose applications have not been resolved via Naturalization letter may choose to continue the procedures as established by the new Law. Therefore, they will have to specifically request a change of procedures and submit all the documents required by Article 1 of the new Law, –provided  they did not submitted those documents in a prior stage.

Applicants are recommended to request –personally or by an authorized person (empowered representative) – to The General Directorate for Registries and Notaries Public a detailed breakdown of the documents submitted at the moment of the application so that they know which ones to include to the affidavit as established by Article 2 of the new Law.