Which documents prove my special link to Spain?

In order to prove a special link to Spain, the following documents (which will be assessed together) can be submitted.

a) Certificates of having studied Spanish History or Culture, issued by public institutions –or officially recognized private institutions.

b) Proof of knowledge of the Ladino or “Haketia” languages.

c) Proof of inclusion of the applicant and his/her first-degree ascendants in the list of Sephardic families protected by the Spanish government, as referred to in the Spanish Decree-Law of 29 December 1948 –related to Egypt and Greece–, or in the list of those who gained naturalization by the Spanish Royal Decree of 20 December 1924.

Family names Decreto Ley 29-12-1948 – Egypt

Family names  de Decreto Ley 29-12-1948 – Greece

d) Blood relationship between the applicant and someone included in any of the lists mentioned in paragraph c) above.

e) Proof of engagement in charitable, cultural or economic activities on behalf of Spanish people or institutions, or within Spanish territory; certificates of having organized or taken part in conferences in the applicant’s country of origin, or residence, on issues related to Spanish culture; certificates of having studied in Spain; proof of businesses or purchases of goods and assets in Spain, among others.

f) Proof of engagement in activities in support of institutions devoted to the study, conservation and dissemination of Sephardic culture. For example: jewish communities in Spain.

g) Any other circumstances unequivocally proving the applicant’s special link to Spain.