Under Law 12/2015, of June 24, regarding the granting of Spanish nationality to Sephardim , the deadline to formalize the application for Spanish nationality ends on October 1 of 2019. Applications after that date will not be accepted.

Applications must be made at the following link: http://www.justicia.sefardies.notariado.org

In general, if the applications  do not contain all the documents required for submission to the notary, the applicant must prove the reason for the impossibility of providing them.

The certificates of the FCJE.

Those Sephardic candidates who have completed the application for nationality on the Platform of the Ministry of Justice (http://www.justicia.sefardies.notariado.org/liferay/web/sefardies/inicio) before October 1, 2019, and have requested the certificate of origin to the FCJE, without having been issued on that date, they can provide it later.

In order to avoid obstacles to the processing of applications that are submitted, a document certifying the status of the process can be downloaded from each file initiated at https://certificadosefardies.fcje.org/.

Cervantes Institute

The Cervantes Institute will continue to offer CCSE calls in all its examination centers throughout the second half of 2019 and throughout the year 2020, to which Sephardic candidates who intend to apply for the granting of nationality before the aforementioned may register 1 October 2019, in order to avoid obstacles to the processing of applications submitted.

Other documents

If the difficulty is the lack of other documents, when making the request, the reason for the impossibility of providing them must be stated, and said fault must be remedied within 3 months.

What does Sephardi mean?

Sefarad, in Hebrew, means Spain, therefore, Sephardic means Spanish. The term Sephardi refers to those Jews who lived in the Iberian Peninsula until 1492 and to their descendants.