The procedure to grant Spanish citizenship will be online.

The processing of the application shall go through five different stages or steps:

First: Submission of the application and the documentation through the electronic platform that the Ministry of Justice will provide for this purpose.

Second: The Ministry of Justice shall send the application to the General Council of Notaries, which will provide the applicant with a reference number for his/her file and the Notary Public before whom he/she needs to appear in Spain, according to the preferences indicated in the request.

Third: Once the Notary Public has studied the documents and he/she considers that the condition of Sephardi of Spanish ancestry and the special link to Spain of the applicant are justified, he/she shall agree with the applicant to meet and draw up an affidavit. The original documents provided online by the applicant with his/her application shall be attached to the affidavit.

Fourth: Having received the electronic copy of the affidavit, the General Directorate for Registries and Notaries Public shall compulsorily request reports to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Presidency and shall decide on the application submitted by the applicant stating the reasons for the decision. The General Directorate for Registries and Notaries Public shall send a copy of the decision to the Spanish Consulate competent for the registration of the birth.

Fifth: The applicant shall appear before the Spanish Consulate in his/her place of residence within one year from the day following the date on which the decision was notified. The applicant shall request to the Consulate the registration of the Spanish citizenship. He/she shall provide a new criminal record certificate and shall carry out the procedures and statements necessary to receive a Spanish passport.