How long can I submit my nationality application?


Who can apply for Spanish citizenship as a result of the Citizenship Law for Sephardic?

What does Sephardi mean?

Can a non-Jewish person apply?

How can I know whether my surname is of Sephardic origins?

My surname is included in the list of Sephardic surnames published on the internet. Is that enough?

I know my ancestors were Jewish, but I am not. Can I still apply for Spanish citizenship according to the new Law?

When ?

Which is the deadline to submit my application?

How long will it take for the Spanish Administration to decide on my application?

How ?

How to start the procedure

Do I need a lawyer or an agent?

Which are the steps that I need to follow in order to submit my application?

What happens if I do not appear within one year before the Spanish Consulate in order to receive my passport?

How much is the fee that the Spanish Government will charge in order to process my file?


Which documents are necessary to meet the requirements of the Law?

Which documents prove my condition of Sephardi of Spanish ancestry?

Who can issue a certificate proving my Sephardic origins?

What is the ‘Ketubah’ from Castile?

Which documents prove my special link to Spain?

Must the application consist of all or some of the documents proving the Sephardic origins and the special link to Spain?

Are there any other additional requirements? Are there any other documents to be submitted?

How long do full birth certificates and criminal records certificates have to be valid in order to apply?

FCJE´S Certificate

Which documents must I submit to the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE) in order to obtain the certificate proving that I am a Sephardi of Spanish ancestry?

How much will the certificate by the FCJE cost?

Cooperating entities in Israel.

Other cooperating entities.

Residence in Spain

I am residing in Spain and of Sephardi origins, and I want to apply for Spanish citizenship. What must I do?

Is it necessary to submit any documentation supporting evidence of me being Sephardi in order to apply for Spanish citizenship via residence?

Instituto Cervantes

How can I be informed about the Spanish language exams and the knowledge test on constitutional, social and cultural aspects of Spanish life that I must pass in order to fulfil the requirements established by the Law?

Must all the applicants take the Spanish language and citizenship –knowledge of Spanish constitution– test?

How much will the courses and exams cost at the Instituto Cervantes?

How can I be informed about the dates of the test ?

The Notary

Can the applicant choose the city where he will be appearing before the notary?

How much will the notary fees cost in Spain ? 

I’ve already signed the Afficavit more than 12 months ago and I do not have any answer of the Ministry of Justice. What happened to my application?

Carta de Naturaleza

 I submitted my application before this Law was passed. What shall I do?